Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Teabaggers? Is that a joke?

I'm tired of reports about the "Teabagger movement" because it doesn't exist. It is a creation of a few smart people with the amplication of the right wing. It is easy to group together a bunch of people against something. Especially something really big. I heard one of their leaders say the government shouldn't have passed the TARP program. He didn't say what he would have done to fix the problems at the time. I respect a Ron Paul because as a liberatarian he often states that he would have done nothing and let whatever was going to happen, just happen.

Guess what, he loses nationwide.

It's easy to elect one congressperson or even a few members of Congress as a protest.
But eventually you you have to make tough choices. 15 million Teabaggers?


Show me the 15 million votes to do something tough. I'll show you 200 million to do something more political.

If they are against bailouts, would they sit back and let the private sector in their town "creatively destroy" their job, while at some point (maybe) replace that business with another.

How many teabaggers want to end hurricane relief, and flood relief?
How many want to bring the troops home?
How many want the federal government out of the Clean water and Clean air act?

The greatness of this country includes the freedom to allow people to demagogue.

We just need to make sure they don't actually get into power.

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