Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rush Limbaugh destroying marriage

I am the rare Democrat who is vocal in my opposition to same sex marriage and gay rights in general. I will acknowledge though that the movement to redefine marriage is not the main problem but rather a sympton of what's gone wrong.

We as a culture have devalued marriage in books, on t.v., in movies, and throughout our laws. We have made it o.k. to commit adultrey, and just fine to leave a spouse. "It's a private matter". "It's a personal decision".

Rush Limbaugh among others is at it again. Getting married again.

He clearly is a part of the problem. If he doesn't want to abide by the rules, do the hard work, or can't find the right person, then leave it alone. But by getting married and divorced 3 times, and now back for a 4th, it's hard to say that "marriage" is meaningful. That others should be barred because it is so special.

Limbaugh and others who claim to be "conservatives" are aiding in the destruction of American culture.

I suggest Rush call it quits. No more marriage. Repent. And then fight to make America better.

We are in an interesting period where the march towards more gay rights is stalled for a few months or years. But they are still completely on offense and poised to win because they own the moral high ground.

To win that back, we have to return, restore, and create marriage as the exceptional institution it should be.

That would not include 3 marriages and divorces, and a 4th.

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