Saturday, December 19, 2009

Maryland Democrats should remove Baltimore mayor Dixon from office

I have often talked about the public and the press backing off public officials for "ethics violoations". I think the jobs that these men and women do are very difficult, and that eventually good people will make some mistakes. In addition, relative to what they could make, they don't earn what they are worth in a free market.

I draw the line at outright corruption. It appears Mayor Sheila Dixon of Baltimore Maryland is corrupt. She should resign. Maryland Democrats should move to have her removed.

This is another troubling case of an African American politician caught with their "hand in the till".

As an African American I demand the same level of honesty I would for anyone else of Dixon.
I'm also tired of the "black" groups rallying around people who should be removed.

It was a shame that the Congressional Black Caucus supported William Jefferson so strongly last year. It wound up turning a staunchly Democratic seat into a Republican victory. It sends a bad ethics message. It's just wrong.

We should abide by principles.

Everyone deserves a fair hearing. People's past should be brought up for good or bad.
Someone like Rep. Charlie Rangel should be given extra benefit of the doubt because of his military service to the country, and his fine service in Congress.

When people violate the law, the punishment should be swift and just. That can cut both ways.
For instance if Rangel violated the law in terms of paperwork and taxes, he should have to repay it, pay a fine, and then leave him alone.

But a Sheila Dixon, if the allegations are proven true, should be treated more harshly because of her reputation and the manner of her public record.

As liberals, newliberals trying to figure out how to govern properly, we should strive for justice.
We need to be willing to stand against our allies when they are wrong.
The key is that we should lead in a way that once we lose, we can be proud of what we did.
By doing that, it will most likely push the day of when we lose well into the future.

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