Saturday, December 19, 2009

Democrats: Don't let abortion block healthcare

Regardless of how it's done. Whether the final language in the healthcare reform bill is prolife, prochoice, or some mixture. Pass the bill!

For pro-life Democrats, it's clear that the message that we shouldn't promote abortion through our public sphere is being respected. On some level it seems that abortion coverage in healthcare plans will be diminished or at least made more difficult.

For pro-choice Democrats (me), it's clear that healthcare reform is near passage and that is better for women and pro-choice democrats than not passing.
A woman's right to get an abortion with her own money is not impacted at all. What is impacted is this one particular way: through a subsidized healthcare plan.

I think people in my party who are fighting this issue too strongly, should realize that being prochoice shouldn't mean pro abortion. We have some people who are pro abortion and we should separate from them on this.

Democrats should support pro choice policies while making sure we set up a situation where people can choose life. Having quality healthcare and not being as worried about the bills helps people make better choices overall.
So far Harry Reid is doing a great job of corralling 60 senators. Now we need pragmatism from all involved to get something done. Once we do, we can assess what changes, if any, are needed.

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