Friday, December 4, 2009

The main problem in Marriages

Women want it both ways. They want protection from strangers and criminals. They want to be romanced by having men plan for them and pay for them. They want "help" with numerous tough things from lifting and moving obstacles to child rearing/discipline,etc. Yet, they want equality. Equal pay. Equal treatment.

It doesn't equate.

You can't want someone to pay for your food. To make more money than you. Then you be an equal partner.

Take the military.
The average woman doesn't want to fight in the military and doesn't have a problem with women having second class status in the military. Yet, again they want equality.

Take domestic violence.
People cheered on Tiger Wood's wife concerning her attacking him over his cheating ways.

"There's never a reason for a man to hit a woman".


What if the woman is threatening to hit the man?
What if the woman is provoking violence by saying everything negative possible?

If a man calls another man a __________, everyone understands why a fight ensues,
but when a woman does even worse, she is well within her rights, and he should cower?
Retreat, like Woods?

Women get to cry under the pressure and that's fine (remember Hillary Clinton, whom I supported in 2008?)

Women get to change their minds and have no consequence because of emotional "perogative"?

I have a proper perspective:

I think men are the leaders and women are the followers. Women can change that if they want, but that means taking responsibility. That means fixing the flat tire. That means checking to see if there's an intruder. That means being held accountable for your actions.
That means the mental over the emotional. That means women saving up for a diamond ring, and figuring out how to pay for the things the husband wants. That means saying tantrums are not ok.

It means being a man. It's not that mean don't throw tantrums, it's that we are rightfully called on it as acting childish and wrong.

Women need to decide if they are adults or children.
The law says adults, their behavior often is with the children.

update: I know I'm generalizing. But the essence is true. Of course there are exceptional women who want to be and actually are treated as equals. They want the extra responsibility, and take the good with the bad.

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