Friday, December 18, 2009

Harry Reid: Hero

Put quite simply, if Harry Reid passes a healthcare bill, he is the man. He wins. The Democrats win. Our nation wins.

I love this article that says Reid is keeping everything close to the vest and not involving others.

Who knows if it's true, but I'm hoping.

Like so many, I don't agree with much of the particulars in the healthcare bill, and think many different things will work better and are needed. Yet, I firmly support passage of a healthcare bill to get the process going. Once enacted, we can see who's right and fix what's wrong.

Social Security is a great concept. Yet, the social security of today didn't exist when it was created in the 1930's.

It is easier to reform something than to start from scratch in today's political environment. The key is to make sure your changes are moving toward a logical creation.

Harry Reid can't really trust many member in his caucus. There are some on the right who want failure because they think any bill without Republican support is by definition a bad bill. Also, some of them just disagree and don't want real reform. There are some on the left who would rather get no bill than make incremental gains. Also there are some who honestly believe this is a bad bill. Dealing with this reality, it is wise for Reid to keep his conversations quiet and his counsel close. Only divulge when you have to.

I'll judge real harshly if no bill passes.
I'm expecting to celebrate a job well done.
This is politics. You win or You lose.
Right now we're winning.

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