Friday, December 18, 2009

Gay Marriage: How'd it get this bad?

The fact that gays can marriage in some states is the results of bad choices we as a society have made over the last generation. We have made marriage less meaningful, and we have failed to discipline those who have made a mockery of it.

The latest is Tiger Woods. He apparently never took his marriage vows seriously. There are reports that his infidelity began from the very start. Today it appears that a divorce is in the making, and no one seriously questions it.

Why should he have the tax benefits of marriage if he is not acting appropriately?

Why should his prenuptial agreement stand if he didn't act in good faith?
I have previously announced my support to ban all prenuptial agreements because they imply future failure.

Tiger Woods should ask for public forgiveness for contributing to the ruination of marriage.

He can help by doing a tour around this nation explaining to young people that marriage should be taken seriously, and how he erred.

Woods should speak about the instant pleasure that he traded for his dignity and fidelity.

In addition, Woods should advocate measures that strengthen marriage.

I am a Tiger golf fan, I would love to be a fan of the man's politics.

This is how it got so bad that gays can get married.
This is how we got to the point we men can joke with men sexually but to do so with women is sexual harassment.

A lack of detail to the evils in the agenda of the radical left.

I represent the mainstream, independent thinking left.
We need to stand for traditional values. A certain order.
Whether I agree with everything or not, I and we should respect our nation.

We've redefined marriage already toward deviance by accepting frivilous divorces and the like.
At some point we need to stop and rebuild.

If we can't define basic things then is anything safe?

What's to stop someone from saying it is natural for people to be naked and redefine clothes?
What's to stop someone from saying it is natural for people to want whatever interests them and ban private property?

I would be interested in hearing from people who think some of these questions are idiotic.
I would wonder are they more idiotic than 2 men or 2 women getting married?

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