Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Democrats should support racial and religious profiling

In the same way I support Affirmative Action because it is good for the country, I support racial, religious, and many other types of profiling for the safety of our nation.

I apply the same principles: Using race (or religious affiliation) as one of many factors to achieve a desired result.

In the case of terrorists attempting to attack our nation or criminals attempting to prey on other citizens we need to look at all the relevant factors that are connected. On terrorism:

connected in any way to middle eastern countries

3 out 4 of the above should get you special scrutiny.

So yes I'm saying an older white woman from Maryland should not be scrutinized as a potential terrorist but a young muslim man from Michigan whose family is from Iran should be.

Likewise in crime, if a factual pattern is established where one race of people is associated disporportionately, then the police should take that into account along with other factors.

I don't think anyone would agree that only 1 factor should be dispositive and the reason to deny freedom or privilege to a person, but if it is 1 of many factors it should be.

Our whole political system is too beholden to the political correctness on many issues.
This affects both the left and the right.

For instance, the political correctness on the right demands that we all "fear" terrorism even though there are numerous more dangerous situations we deal with every day.

Also, it is politically correct to always speak reverentially about "the troops". We all have to "support the troops".

On the left, we need to support racial and religious profiling if it is a component of effective policing. I would demand that this be proven out by the facts, but our side needs to be willing to be convinced.

I understand the potential for abuse, but we can't sit back and let terrorists and criminals use our sensibilities to kill us.

We should use all available information to get those who would do us harm before they have a chance.

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