Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Republican marriages in trouble

It's tough being a Democrat against Gay Marriage. It's tough being a true liberal against Gay Marriage. And now, I'm understanding better everyday why Republicans are putting up such a lousy defense of marriage. Just today, the governor of Nevada is divorcing. Over the Christmas break, Karl Rove got divorced.

It's hard to talk about the sanctity of marriage when you're divorced.
It's hard to deny marriage rights to homosexuals when so many of us are frivilous with the institution.

But we still must try. It's better to be a hypocrite than to not have standards in the first place.

Democrats, we need to lead the way in stopping the degradation of marriage.
This is a matter of personal and public responsibility.

Even if you are divorced or never been married, you can still speak up and speak out about the ideal.

We have to re-establish the principle and then work to perfect our unions.
Sadly, it seems like the Conservative party in America is becoming more and more anti-marriage.

So it is up to Democrats to promote the good traditional values of America that have made us great.

Wise people can decipher which traditions should persist, which should be updated, and which should be eradicated.

Marriage should be strengthed so that it truly is one man and one woman for good.

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