Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 playing field

We are halfway through this Congress, and now the focus on the next election will begin to heat up.

According to the experts, Democrats have quite a task in front of them.

The most pessimistic being Cqpolitics:

CQ Politics sees the midterm election playing field at 102 seats, of which 70 are currently held by Democrats and 32 are held by Republicans.

I"m thinking, we need to care about the country. We should do what we think is right and then take our case to the American people.

I wish Republicans were offering the American people a true defense of marriage, school choice for everyone, and a way to truly make us safe.

Those would be areas where I would tend to support the Right, but on each case the Republicans fall way short.

Nonetheless Democrats we simply need to pass Healthcare. It is a good foundation that can be built upon.
Then pass Financial regulatory reform that improves our economic infrastructure.
Lastly, do what necessary to keep people as safe as possible.

I suspect we'll win in 2010 because the economy will be back by the Summer.
If not, I think President Obama can convince people to stay with us. You have to remember it is hard for him to rally people right now when nothing is going on. He is President and not a cheerleader.

As we countdown towards the new year, I'm advocating a change from within our party towards the traditional values that have made us great. I'm very progressive. When it makes since to change, I'll lead the parade, but if the right thing to do is to stand up for our traditions and conserve the greatness.We have to have the courage to fight for what's right.

I'm ready for 2010!

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