Thursday, December 31, 2009

A 2010 New Years wish!

for fellow Democrats and liberals against Gay marriage,

we can hope that just as President Obama actually kept his word from the campaign concerning the War in Afghanistan (I'm against), the President also will stand against Gay marriage.

He stated numerous times that he was against it. I agree with him.
Frankly, I don't believe he will fight to maintain the sanctity of traditional marriage, but then again I thought his hawkish rhetoric during 2008 was all politics.

I was proven wrong once, I'm hoping for double-play!

There's hope for 2010!
Imagine if we as a Democratic Party can be the ones to stop this radical movement!

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Edgington said...

Wow, Craig, you're really upset about this gay thing. Ready for a cooler, somewhat more rational idea? Here's what I, a fellow left-leaning liberal think. Civil marriage equality is a hard-core conservative issue. I see you shaking your head--bear with me. What do conservatives want? Law and order, personal responsibility, national security, budgetary sanity, social order etc., right? So here we have a group of people who desperately want to declare their responsibility to society by marrying the person they love, establishing a solid, safe, community-strengthening home, serve their country in the military, work hard without fear of harassment, pay their taxes, provide a safe environment for their kids, and in general enjoy what the rest of us take for granted. Why are we denying them that? Let it go, Craig. There's no 'gay agenda'. If anything, we heteros have special rights, not them. The radical idea would be to perpetuate this unequal application of the laws. It's time LGBT people were allowed access to what straights have had forever. It's all they want, Craig.