Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Where's the outrage: Adam Lambert

I must admit I missed this part of the America music awards show.
It was disgusting from all accounts. I'm glad I missed it.
It should not be on "free" t.v.
It should not be on any television show promoted to children.

Other than that, as a party, Democrats should stand up for decency.

As for Lambert's point that women have been doing perverse things
on award shows especially, it's true.
It is less offensive to see women being sexual with other women.
That's because most people (including me) don't take it seriously.
We assume the women are acting childish.
Unfortunately, women have permission to switch between acting adultlike
and childish depending on moods.
In addition, men imagine somehow that we are really the subject of the
women doing "things" with each other.

With men, we expect better.
Either way, the point is as a culture we need to promote as much good-ness
and virtue as possible.

If they want to put the AMA's on Bravo, fine.
I won't watch, and if I do, I'll know what to expect.

Truth told, you should know right now.
But I don't think we should cede so much ground to the leftists.
Americans should be able to celebrate Whitney Houston's comeback,
and the top music stars without seeing people searching for perverse meaning.

It can start with the bully pulpit.

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