Monday, November 23, 2009

Democrats and gay marriage

It is a sad reality to my party is so associated with the perverseness of gay marriage and other aspects of the radical gay rights movement.

I want the Democratic Party to remain in power as long as possible and to strengthen its' numbers.

Yet, across the nation when Democrats weaken, so does the prospect of gay marriage.
Take New York State for instance. Democrats are fearful of a tough election coming up, and consequently a seemingly inevitable vote on same sex marraige has now been indefinitely postponed.

That is good news.

Better news would be for Democrats to mean what we say when most of us say we believe marriage to be between a "man and a woman". I know many are just retreating to safe ground and waiting until it is possible to "come out". Just like the Maine governor. Unfortunately.

What we need is to focus on rebuilding the real institution of marriage.

I would be for national legislation that usurped states rights.
We should make it clear that marriage means you are going from two separate individuals into a binding union. Holy Matrimony.

I would think about banning pre-nuptial agreements. If you need one you don't need to be married.

Mandating counseling and waiting periods beforehand, and demanding proof and reasons for divorce.

There should be clear monetary benefits to being married for the first and only time.
Any public benefits should have to be repaid or at least scrutinized as to whether your marriage contributed to society or was a waste.

Marriage is a public act being a man and a woman that passes on our tradtions and culture to our children, and is a part of the process of how we communicate our values to each other and outsiders.

Democrats we should be open-minded enough reject radical programs that attack our culture.
We need to have the courage to stand up and do what's right.

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