Wednesday, November 25, 2009

media shielding Obama on school choice

Once again, as in the Democratic Primary of the 2008 Presidential Election, I am frustrated with the media for protecting our President from legitimate criticism.

Currently there are advertisements running in the D.C. by African American parents who want the President to continue the D.C. scholarship program that offers choice to lower income students. The approach is really simple: "President Obama you had choice for your children why shouldn't I have it too". You have to remember that just like me these are people who's families voted for President Obama.

They are totally correct. President Obama sends his children to schools that cost more than many people's yearly salaries.

Education should be a civil right.
Democrats should believe that.
No matter how much money your family makes, you should have the opportunity to go to the best school for you.

This is a liberal issue that should shame us as a party.
We need to offer real vouchers to every parent so they can make the best decisions for their children.

If beyond that we want to promote the needs of the school system or the overall community that is admirable. But we should hold students' hostage to yearly reform plans.

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