Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hillary supporters are vindicated in Obama's treatment

There were two major themes from those of us who didn't support then candidate Obama but rather tried to plot out a path for Hillary Clinton to still win the Democratic nomination even after it was clear that everyone who mattered wanted Obama.

First, we still thought that he wasn't qualified by virtue of experience, and second (related to the first) that Republicans in Washington play hardball for the fun of it. There was no way for the things Obama talked about to happen without the Hillary Clinton style approach. The "there is no red America, no blue America" thing wasn't going to work in governing. From day one whether through chicanery, legislative wit, or outright insults (see Joe Wilson) Republicans were going to oppose Obama and everything he stood for.

By the way that is how he got elected. I'm not referring to Obama's message or actions but his followers. To my dismay many on our side opposed President Bush no matter what. The President did many things that were liberal-minded like: a prescription drug bill, no child left behind, agriculture bills, aid for Africa, etc. Yet, whether it was the Wars, Katrina, scandal, personal gaffes, or anything else, Democrats took every shot cheap or otherwise.

Eventually, we drew blood, and the Republicans lost everything. No way the Republicans were going to just ignore something so viscious and so successful.

Hillary talked about advanced a progressive agenda in a partisan atmosphere. That is exactly what the President is trying to do today. He is facing even more vitriol than the last Democratic President did. There is incessant talk of socialism, weakness abroad, and a tinge of racial politics. The proliferation of news, internet, and other communiction devices magnifies the problem like has never been seen.

I am of course now 100% on-board for President Obama's basic agenda. Minus anything dealing with the radical gay rights movement and refusing to support vouchers, etc...

Come to think of it what I just wrote is part of the problem. People like me who support 80 to 85% of what Obama is doing are focusing on the 15%. Which leaves us with lukewarm support overall. Whereas those who are 10-15% supporters of the President are 100% against him.

Hillary tried to tell us and him.

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