Friday, November 27, 2009

Do Conservatives support of same sex marriage?

About 40% of the time, my policy positions line up with the Republicans. So even though, I'm a committed Democrat, I am often looking at more so-called conservative sites for information and perspective.

It would seem that opposing the redefinition of marriage would be a hot topic on the right. Yet as I check, or, or, and other more right wing places I find that they offer moral cases against higher taxes, more regulation, socialism, weak foreign policy, and so on. But curiously, there is rarely a full throated attack on gay marriage. Oh, there are the occasional swipes at liberal judges or legislatures out of touch, but not in a convincing way. Certainly, there aren't any defenses of higher taxes on these pages, but there are for gay rights.

I'm very dissappointed in this. How can there be diversity of opinion on the right on something as strange as totally changing the pillar of our society, but it is taboo to be in support of Obama's Stimulus package?

I have yet to find articles on the right leaning websites that support repealing the Bush tax cuts for the upper incomes. You might think some would accept that as a way to pay for all these wars. But I haven't seen it yet.

But time after time, I see qualified discussion of gay rights. Something like, "Where ever you stand on this issue, the people should get to decide and not liberal judges". Or they talk about the threat of teaching this non-sense to our children in the public schools. Which I'm against also, but that is not a moral objection that is logistical. Because if the left wingers agreed not to teach it in the schools, would it then be ok? Not for me.

The sad reality is that there is more discussion on the right on this topic than the left.

Where are the liberals like me who are boldly standing up for traditional values?
Just as there are very few boldly pro life Democrats.
This trend is un-nerving.

I honestly wonder what couldn't be sold by a sustained Hollywood effort?

Answering, maybe the PETA agenda?

I'm calling on Conservatives to step up and make the moral case.
I'm calling on liberals to step up and make the moral case of how the gay rights agenda is bad for our society.

It increases the movement away from the highest possible standards, and from what has been proven to work best.

We need to get back to being able to call strange: strange.

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