Friday, November 27, 2009

BCS is doing just fine

It is fashionable to bash college football's BCS system that is designed to produce a championship game between the top two teams. But more often than not in the past few years it has been done correctly. The main thing I like about it is that the schools that aren't serious football powers have very little chance at the title game. It is possible but it hasn't happened yet.

This year:

Boise State

Are all poised to be undefeated teams left out of the title game. They will get a "BCS" spot. That entitles the school and conference it represents to extra money, in addition to a prime slot in one of the top 4 bowls. But basically, it doesn't matter to most fans like me. The top 2 spots matter and that's it.

As of today that will go as usual to a top football power:
Alabama, Texas, or Florida.

It would be a shame for one of them to lose before their time.

Texas has a game against Nebraska. Win and they are in the BCS Championship game.

As long as Florida or Alabama don't lose before the SEC championship game the winner will take the other spot in the final game.

As it should be.

The cynics are hoping for an upset along the way.

If so, I'd want Georgia Tech, but I'd have to live with a Big East Cin. team. But since they haven't proven themselves at this level, I'd rather pass to an Oregon or even Ohio State.

These kids know the deal. If you are playing at Cincinatti you aren't going for a BCS title, but at Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Florida State, Miami, etc. you are.

Maybe you don't have the talent, maybe you don't have the desire.

Don't try to change the rules once you're 10 - or - 11 and 0.

You're still on a lower level.

Let the big boys play for the title.

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