Monday, October 26, 2009

Too big to exist

A certain female Fox News analyst who regularly appears on the panel as a "liberal", where opinions are expected, but she never gives opinions, actually said something that was accurate.
She didn't give a source so I assume she made it up. I will mention her name when she either stops insulting the audience by being on an opinion segment or starts giving opinions.

Her main point was if a business was so important to the nation's well-being that we the people through our government would do whatever it took to save it from ruin: "too big to fail", then that organization, group, business etc. was "too big to exist". It should be disbanded now. It should not be legal to have a financial arrangement whose demise could cause such damage.

Those of us who support the basic idea of a free market need to work hard at promoting healthy barriers to ensure that we don't end up with centralized planning and the worse outcomes that come from that.

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