Monday, October 26, 2009

Racism on All my Children

The writers of "All my Children" a daytime soap opera on ABC have consistently presented African Americans in a shallow and stereotyped roles. They have repeatedly put blacks in positions as judges and police chiefs who are too dumb, inept, or otherwise not in control.

As a country we need storylines where the smartest person is a black face. The most interesting person is a black face. The person any normal viewer would want to identify with be a black face.

Instead we have a situation right now where not only is Chief Hubbard now solving Stuart Chandler's murder, he's too busy breaking the law himself and getting entangled in more and more nonsense.

Before anyone starts with the "don't take it so seriously", I wish I could except all of these shows promote numerous political agendas. Many of which I vehmently disagree. So as a nation we need to work hard to strengthen our civil society.

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