Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Politico gender story is biased

Women lawmakers outperform men?

I firmly believe the authors started out with this conclusion and then sought out to confirm it with "facts". If there wasn't a credible way to present the facts to support the theory then the story just wouldn't have been done. Or to the contrary, "Female lawmakers face obstacles".

Whenever you see a study think what would happen if the results were the opposite. Would the researchers promote their findings, or even publish them?

Being a man is devalued today. It has been decades since nearly all Hollywood t.v. and movies have sought out to build women's self-esteem and attack the male psyche.

It's still true that men dominate our most powerful positions but they apologize for it and often act very feminine.

I support true equal rights for women if they want it. They includes true responsibility in all areas that matter. The reality is most women have defined areas where they accept that men are the leaders and they the followers.

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