Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One life to live: religious bigots

Here's another example of the left wingers in hollywood not being open-minded enough to allow those with differing views to work with them.

I understand all actors have to make a living, but it is noble if you can stand for your religious convictions as you do so.

It is possible to stand for a healthy marriage, the rule of law, intellectual freedom, and other good moral values while having an entertaining soap opera.

Dear daytime soaps,

You have some of the most creative people working with you. Please reflect the diversity of America in your storyline and values. That should include a majority of traditional themes that on some level work to build the greatness of our land.

I am a fan of OLTL. I've watched it since Todd Manning was a college student, and Vicky had one personality. But All My Children is a better show!

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