Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tragedy in Penn.: another nut with a gun

I am for gun control and any other weapon control that make our world a safer place. There are too many people who are not responsible enough to possess a weapon. Very few of us are.

Anyone who is capable of losing their temper for a few moments, which most of us are, should have have access to such dangerous weapons.

In this terrible shooting, this man is obviously troubled. He appears to have been consumed by anger, evil, and other psychological issues.

Democrats should fight to get guns out of the hands of most people.

I think those who have guns should have to keep proving that they are safe to themselves and others. The burden should be on them.

I understand that some people may protect themselves with a gun, and there are positive uses for an average citizen having one, but the facts show me that overall the profileration of guns is extremely bad for us, and we need to sacrifice personally for the common good.

That is politically incorrect in today's world with the NRA and other 2nd amendment types, but the truth matters.

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