Wednesday, August 5, 2009

No Healthcare rationing needed

It is assumed that whatever reform is enacted or not acted at some point in some way we will have to deny people the healthcare they need because we simply don't have the resources to pay for everyone once the Baby Boomers reach retirement age.

I disagree.

We should dedicate ourselves to certain principles:

Universal healthcare for All Americans.

The proper healthcare that serves to prolong and improve the quality of life for every American.

I know the latter is controversial whereas we often spend thousands and millions of dollars on an individual whose prognosis is rather bleak, especially when those funds could be used for prevention of illness and wellness within more healthier (and younger people).

But we should resolve ourselves to giving the best possible treatment available to everyone.
As a nation we should run a yearly deficit if necessary, and add to our national debt for the sake of "life".

We have done it for much less important things, we should do it because it is the right thing to offer the best to everyone.

I am not so pessimistic about our ability to afford the best healthcare though.
There is always technology that can make the rare more common and affordable.

Think cellphones?

A hundred years ago, landline telephones were very expensive, slow, and not widely available.

Fifty years ago, landline telephones were more common, and relatively affordable for average Americans.

20 years ago, telephones were universal, and cell phones were employed generally by the rich.

Today, a cellphone can be bought and activated for less than the cost of a pizza.

We need to incentivize a worldwide race to the top in terms of new medical devices, better and cheaper prescription drugs, and more expert doctors.

This can be done. President Obama should lead the charge.
So instead of having to make tough and horrible decisions about people's lives, or leaving people out of the system based on poverty or some accident of life, we should allow the free market to work miracles.

We need individuals trying to win a million dollar prize to come up with medicines that are better acting and cheaper than today's.

We need to make it a financial no-brainer for anyone with medical aptitude to go into general medicine. This will mean tax money going to subsidize their education and also supplement their income.

We need to encourage no healthcare models, and not attack them if they become successful and make large profits.

As a Democratic party, our goal should be quality universal healthcare for all citizens. The type that the richest person in America would want.

We can pay for it through investments in science, people, and the free market.

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