Saturday, August 8, 2009

Making Marriages Stronger

One key we should all look at in terms of making marriages stronger is:

dedication to the union itself.

Women are by and large more emotional and apt to be defined by the moment.
This is fine when it is positive, but it only takes one negative "moment" for divorce to become permanent. There are plenty of couples you've seen who could have made it but now they're divorced and great friends.

Men need to be invested in being strong leaders but also understanding the woman's point of view. Not to cater to it, but to find every possible way of doing the right thing and accomodating the emotions at hand.

Often-times there are ways to do so with little or no damage except to pride.

I don't doubt that these roles can reverse, but the point still stands that the more "cerebral" partner whether it's the man or the woman needs to think of a way to get past the negativity.

If you are going to break up, do so in a time of peace and calm. After you've solved the problem or weathered the storm.

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