Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Health care is complicated

I know that is not a revolutionary statement, but we have people from all aspects of the political spectrum talking confidently about "reform" and attacking their opponents as though there is not really a valid "other side".

Yet, we don't know many things about the average pay doctors receive. How much medicines cost to produce. What is the real cost in terms of input for various surgeries.

How much of these cost can be pushed down through competition? Is health care costs rising because of low supply and high demand? Are the people within the health care system such as the manufacturers of new technology, doctors, nurses, etc., demanding more money and getting it because they can or are there costs rising also?

Do we have too few doctors? What would happen if we promoted and allowed more immigrant physicians and healthcare professionals to enter the country?

Is a free market where people make most of the decisions possible and/or desirable?

The questions go on.

Stop pretending this is simple. We should have single payer. We should have a free market. etc.
It's complicated. We are trying to get high quality at an affordable price for something we feel everyone should have regardless.

It's complicated.

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