Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tough parenting

Serena and Venus Williams are still dominating Tennis. Their dad was known to be extremely tough on them. Same for Tiger Woods. Same for the Jacksons with Joe Jackson.

I understand the left wing is closed minded to believing in tough, hard, physical punishment, and mental and emotional pressure, but it works.

It starts with unconditional love.
It continues with a commitment to teaching.
But there needs to be accountability. Physical toughness. The fear of getting attacked.
There should also be a positive set of incentives, so that a reasonable child knows if they perform well something really good is waiting for them, and if they do badly "all hell is going to break loose".

Children and people in general need high standards. Most of us need a coach or parent to help us expand what we think is possible.

There are too many stories of tough parenting working in all areas of life from business to law to sports to anything.

Keep it in perspective, and do what is right.

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