Sunday, July 5, 2009

criticism of Palin is cynical

Many are criticial of Governor Sarah Palin's decision to resign from her job in Alaska. They talk about how risky it is for her future ambitions. Yet, it is clear most of these people don't support her either privately or publicly. Second, they think Obama will win in 2012 no matter what so they don't take her potential candidacy seriously. But third, and should be most obvious:

How can there be political rules in the age of Obama? A black man is President of the United States. And he didn't do it the way it would have been expected by being moderate/conservative and waiting for his turn. These same people writing and offering Palin advice would have/ or did tell Obama not to challenge Hillary Clinton. Their convential wisdom was totally defeated, yet they are back without reservation.

I was among the crowd that thoought Democrats would never take back Congress with their current left wing attitudes. I was proved clearly wrong in 2006. From that I learned that other events can change the political reality instantly. In that case it was the unpopularity of the Iraq war, Republican scandals, and a biased media.

I don't support Sarah Palin, but if I did I would advise her to be unconventional as long as possible because all the political winds are against her.

New York Times

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