Friday, June 26, 2009

Mark Sanford should resign

Governor Sanford of South Carolina should resign. Republicans should set a high standard and hold people accountable. We can have mercy and give people second chances without tolerating or accepting bad behavior in public. Sanford should have been faithful to his wife. He should not have misled his staff and the public as to where and what he was doing.

As Democrats we should learn from this that we need to be sure our party holds high moral values. No one is so important that we should contort our values to protect them. President Clinton should have paid a much bigger price for his problems with the truth, and all of the other allegations.

I am still appalled about the credible rape charges from Juanita Broddrick that have yet to be fully answered.

America is great because we strive and often do set extremely high standards. It is inevitable that many (all) of us will fall short at some time in some ways. But some failures are worse, and we should keep a public record that is consistently good.

Republicans need to assert personal responsibility as a value and live by it.
Democrats as the majority party would be wise to do likewise.

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