Friday, June 26, 2009

Joe Jackson was a good dad

It seems it is conventional wisdom that Joe Jackson abused Michael Jackson, and that this contributed to his many problems in life. From the lack of a "normal childhood", to physical and mental abuse, Joe Jackson is accused of many sins and/or crimes.

I disagree.

Joe Jackson did a great job of setting goals and preparing his children for success.
Joe Jackson deservers credit for the mega-star status of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson was rather normal until he became a superstar. Then he became a super superstar.

Just look at how his death has overshadowed others' and world news in general.
That is the enormity of what Michael Jackson dealt with. Clearly he needed the normal boundaries that typical people have set for them by a lack of money or authority.

Joe Jackson was not able to do what he did to Michael as adult that he did as a child.

So as we remember Michael Jackson, let's remember the parent who was an essential part of his success.

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