Monday, May 11, 2009

Yankee tickets: how a free market works

Right now the New York Yankees are playing badly, and enough fans think their ticket prices are overpriced that there are empty seats, and people selling tickets for lower than they were bought online.

Bronx bargain

All of the people who complain when the market bids up tickets, and "scalpers" are taking advantage of the public should have a comment that helps out the "poor NY Yankees" and all of those negatively affected with low demand.

Maybe we should punish the public for not wanting to pay full price for the tickets now.
When the Yankees get on a hot streak we should ban the fans who didn't buy tickets now?

The Yankees and other sports team get their money up front. If they sell for too high they might end up with empty seats. Too low? and people will resell at the higher (proper) price. But there's also the case of the people who bought tickets long ago, thinking that a Yankee game would be great and it was "the ticket" and now want to dump it.

There are advantages and downsides to various positions.

We should allow a free market to work and let people make a living and enjoy our country.

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