Monday, May 11, 2009

Wanda Sykes: not funny

Wanda Sykes is more of a left-wing hack than she is a funny comedian.

That said. She should not be castigated for her humor, and those in the room should not apologize or cower.

As Democrats get used to be the majority, maybe we will begin to roll back the political correctness regime.

We should assume everyone is speaking and acting in good faith unless the facts prove otherwise.

In addition, we should work hard to promote intellectual freedom, and not try to force people to censor their thoughts and words so wrecklessly.

The problem for Sykes and other leftists is that they have engaged in this mind control nonsense and don't have a legitimate platform to argue the case.

But I do.

I believe in having fun.
I believe in the goodness of America.

We can have and do both.

Certain words and ideas shouldn't be off limits in a comedy setting.
There's a difference between making policy and telling jokes.

The setting matters.

A State of the Union speech is different than a White House Correspondence Dinner.

It's true some things are so vulgar they don't belong in civil society.
But I'm very liberal as to what those things are.

If there is any redeeming value, a political point to be made, if it is ironic, or something good I've never thought of, I err on the side of freedom.

The jokes attributed to Sykes were actually pretty funny, if typical.

In general, she's not funny, but every clock is right twice.

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