Monday, April 6, 2009

Where we need big Government

As a Democrat, I constantly question our current use of government. Unlike Republicans, I am not anti-government or even in favor of small government in the abstract. Yet, unlike left wing democrats I don't believe in a big government solution as a default position. I define big government being a few people armed with the power of the Law determining rules for thousands and millions of people.

Of course big government is necessary in some obvious areas like national security, and law enforcement. As well I support many environmental laws that help to keep our natural resources clean and available.

Yet, the big government reflex is clearly inferior to market forces in most areas. That is why America is the greatest country.

Look at the advances through the free-market, so much so that the poorest Americans have cell-phone access on the cheap, indoor plumbing, electricity, access to transportation, etc. that the richest Americans never had in past decades and centuries.

Accurate Health Information

I think the government should work to provide clear information on controversial subjects. It should do so without regard to political party or ideology. Sort of the way the Congressional Budget Office works. For example, what is the best science on what foods are actually good for you. We can't trust much of the information we currently receive because they often have a hidden agenda.

The government should aggregate all of the relevant parties, and produce official information, and make it readily available to the public. Where there is a dispute that should be asserted in a transparent manner.

The free market is not good at this function, and thus we need a good and honest government.

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