Tuesday, April 21, 2009

War on Guns

Democrats should fight against the Gun Culture to make America much more safe. This should include the registration of both gun owners and the guns themselves.

Think automobile safety and registration.

Besides stopping the subculture of children using dangersous guns that has been shown in the mainstream media, we need to rethink our approach to the 2nd amendment.

If the prevailing view persists that there is an individual right to own a gun, we need to either limit it severely or change the Constitution.

I'm in favor of having a dramatic increase in the number of qualified people able to carry and use a weapon virtually everywhere they go. They should in effect be deputized. Background check. Training. Constant screening to make sure they are mentally stable.

But we have to acknowledge the freedom and security that allowing individuals to posess a concealed weapon has many positive aspects. There is peace of mind for some. There is the actual ability to defend against an attack, and the unknown but certain capability to deter a potential problem from happening in the first place.

That must be balanced with the increased problems having guns around entail. Just like you can't have drunk drivers without alcohol. You don't have shootings without guns. Sure people are the one responsible and not the piece of metal. Sure there are other ways to cause great damage. But gun use/abuse is unique in how much damage can be done instantly without much thought, planning, or skill.

When we take into account all the accidents, suicides, and the bad ethos, we need to develop a common sense strategy to fight gun violence.

I understand the prevailing wisdom about the power of the gun lobby. But to my chagrin look what has happened to the "power of the religious right" in just a few years. They have lost every major social battle, and now are rather irrelevant. So as much as it bothers me that Democrats are on the wrong side of much of the Culture Wars, it does show that anything is possible.

Let's win a War on Guns and make America a better place.

I want the Democratic party to be Tough on Crime.
and Tough on Criminals.

I want as many responbile people as possible to have guns and ready to use them to help themselves and others.

This will exclude much of the general public. For their own good.

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