Sunday, April 19, 2009

Obama should promote American goodness

As a true liberal, I acknowledge the negative aspects of our country fully. From the shame of slavery, segregation, and racism, to the mistreatment of Native Americans, to misguided foreign policies at various times, there is a lot to realize. Yet, we as a nation has become the greatest nation ever created through the hard work of many American citizens. We have the best government structure in terms of running free elections, accountable governing, and a Constitution that doesn't allow simple mob rule. In addition, the free market system that we engage in has been the engine for properity worldwide. It has helped to lift millions out of poverty both dometic and abroad. Americans both as a nation and as individuals have been very generous with money, services, and talent donations.

So as our President is being cordial to anti-American forces worldwide, he should be sure to promote our goodness. He should ensure that the end result is good for our land and the world.
This means we should demand that good American values are advanced. Freedom, prosperity, and rule of law.

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