Tuesday, March 10, 2009

matter of time

If we are in an economic crisis that rivals anything since The Great Depression, why would we expect a coherent plan that will work within weeks since a new administration taking office, and less than six months after the 2008 election?

At the same time we are constantly told that this is an unprecedented situation, and yet that the new secretary is "dithering" as though there is a clear route back to solvency.

While everyone may have their opinions, we know whatever plan is eventually chosen will probably receive criticism from all sides.

The key is to do what is right and can be sold politically. Sometimes that means doing the second or third best thing because what should be done won't be acceptable in the political arena.

Either way, as commentators and observors we should try to coordinate our opinions so they have more credibility.

If this is really a historical mishap, then stop acting as though the answer is so simple.

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