Wednesday, March 11, 2009

fighting the culture war

Look at the energetic response the rightwing has mustered against the Obama economic agenda. They have met the President squarely on the battlefield. They have questioned his overall motives, and attacked the foundation of his budget. There are clear differences between democrats and republicans.

Yet, the culture war has gone unengaged. The militant left is still on the march everyday in the mainstream media from news to popular culture advancing an agenda that attacks the nuclear family, promotes abortion, praises relativism, and so forth. There is still a gigantic discrepancy in the presentation of many isssues such as gun control or global warming.

Regardless of where you ultimately stand on any particular issue, as an American you should want a full and fair debate rather than propoganda.

I am dissappointed in the so-called social conservatives, the conservative democrats, and other self-proclaimed moderates who are allowing these extremists to define what is normal in America.

I am tired of commercials for Car Rental companies that promote homosexuality in a subtle way.

I am tired of political correctness that allows women to hit men without penalty.

I reject the notion that the United States military and our foreign policy is promoting hatred and evil.

I am skeptical of man made global warming especially when we have had evidence of global cooling.

The beauty of our freedom is that all ideas will get heard, but the trouble is that some get heard louder and more often than others.

We need to engage the culture war more forcefully and stand up for traditional American values.

I fought for Democrats to be the Majority Party because on balance we are much better on many more issues. Also, because Democrats have the capability of including a broader coalition in governing.

This has been true on economics in many respects but it is our job as citizens to make it evident throughout the various issues in our society.

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