Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Super Majority rules need to change

Just like there are special rules in the United States Senate that require 60 votes to end debate on many important issues before a vote can be taken, Calfornia has a similar budget rule that requires a 2/3 vote to pass a budget in the State legislature.

This needs to change. It ends up handcuffing majorities and forcing a majority of people to negotiate with a few people from the minority who then gain outsized power.

Instead, we should use majority rules for all but the most important items. Otherwise let one side or the other rule, and then let the people render a decision.

As it stands now, there is tremendous incentive for the minority party to obstruct, and the majority winds up having to compromise what they think will work just to get anything done.

The majority will always have the legitimate claim that had they been able to implement what they really wanted things would have been better. Therefore the people are always left with an abstract argument.

Instead, we should be left with an opportunity for acccountability.

The people in charge should be able to implement their plan with majority vote and then defend it.

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