Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Parents Television Council

At least this group is trying to promote good values in our society,

I accept their good intentions, but I don't like the idea that we have to hide behind the children.
Sure, it is important to protect our children, and I'm all for that.
But the fact is, a healthy society is just as vital for adults as well as the youngsters. To promote a positive landscape for a civil society. To do the right thing as much as possible.
I think much more of our world can be understood in black-white distinctions rather than subjective interpretations than we allow today. We need to be bold enough to say, "that's wrong" and not need to invoke the protection of children to do it.

For example,

Over 90,000 members and three Texas grassroots chapters of the Parents Television Council denounced the Houston NBC affiliate, KPRC-TV, for airing an ad during the Super Bowl for, a dating service for married people looking to cheat on their spouses. The NFL turned down the same ad when attempted to purchase a national spot during the game. The PTC Texas chapters of Houston, Dallas and Lubbock, also called on all TV stations in Texas not to accept future advertising from According to, plans to spend more advertising dollars in Texas this year.

The article and the group go on to focus mostly on the impact the advertisement might have on children.

I agree that this is harmful to children, but it is bad for all of us to have the Super Bowl ruined by such trash. What about an adult who was watching the game with his elderly parents? People whose hard work very well may have contributed to our great society. Can't they have certain times and places where they can expect not to be offended? Sure it is difficult sometimes drawing lines and distinctions, but I think people of good will who don't have a twisted agenda can come together and agree on basic rules.

There are many entertainment choices that are unsuitable for children, but some like the above were unsuitable for anyone watching the Super Bowl on a Sunday evening.

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