Thursday, February 5, 2009

Perverse Political Correctness

I just watched another example of the perverse political correctness we have in our society that is promoting the homosexual agenda:

On TNT former NBA player Karl Malone was being introduced as a guest commentator for the night, and the producers showed viewers old video footage from his draft night, where Kenny Smith and others began yelling "sexy, sexy", and talking about how good Karl Malone looked.

Fair enough...

But the fact is were they introducing a woman, maybe a female commentator like Cheryl Miller or Nancy Lieberman they wouldn't dare do that because it would be sexist, unprofessional, and politically incorrect.

The end result is that it is ok for men to call another man sexy (in jest or not) and talk about how good he looks, but not proper to do that for a woman.

It could be a coincidence that this is a part of our culture, but I think not. It is the continuation of decades of a cultural onslaught to convince the American people that abnormal relationships between men are normal. They do it in jokes, passing comments, demagoguery, you name it, it is out there.

As Democrats we need to mount a campaign to teach good moral values to our children. We need to strengthen marriage, discourage divorce, counsel against premarital sex, and reassert traditional values.

It is unbelievable that this is the battle in front of a mainstream Democrat like me, but the far left is forcing it on America.

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