Sunday, February 1, 2009

Obama should stand by Daschle

Tom Daschle is the Fourth cabinet nominee to have serious problems. The Senate already confirmed the Treasury Secretary Geithner who had numerous issues with not paying taxes properly. Eric Holder has had to answer for his role in the Clinton pardon scandals of 2000. Bill Richardson had to withdraw for Commerce (why was he there in the first place?) because of a pay-to-play investigation, and now Daschle is here with numerous instances where he didn't pay his taxes.

Obama has promised a new tone and a higher standard on ethics. Yet I believe most people discount his words, and rightfully so.

Obama should place a premium on excellence. That means he has to accept these kind of problems. Of course there's a line, but tax problems is well within bounds.

It doesn't look good, but the Obama administration will be judged on the results in the fight against terrorists, healthcare, education, and fixing the economy.

If he believes Daschle is the best for Health and Human Services then fight for him 100%.

Loyalty is one of the things President Bush got Right, Obama should copy him.

But you have to remember, I was never a true believer in Obama's message; and I' ve pleasantly surprised at every turn since Obama won the Democratic Primary by his decisions to be pragmatic and successful rather than a principled loser.

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libhom said...

Daschle is a conservative politician, and conservative politicians are uniformly corrupt. Obama should have never picked this scumbag in the first place. He should be replaced by Howard Dean or Rose Ann DeMoro of the California Nurses Association.