Thursday, February 26, 2009

New way to raise funds for government

President Obama unveiled a 10 year budget that assumes higher taxes on the top earners in our country. We are about to enter the same ole debate between Democrats and Republicans. If forced to choose, I would support President Obama's plan to pursue Universal Healthcare and Energy Independence with the repeal of the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy. But I suggest real change in the way we raise revenue:

-Legalize and tax the sale of drugs for personal use in a safe environment. If there are drugs for which there isn't a safe way to use them that doesn't endanger others then they should remain banned.

-Legalize and tax sports betting and other gambling including casino and poker. In our digital and electronic age it is possible to coordinate all of the outlets so that we can identify and control problem gamblers.

for those of you who oppose the above on moral grounds, there is the following which can replace our entire federal code:

-Use an auction system that identifies high demand/low supply items and events that would be willingly bid up. The government would get a large percentage of the difference between face value and the secondary market. This, if done correctly can raise any amount we need to fund our government in a way that is not obtrusive.

Think about how much people were willing to pay to get:

-xbox360 when it was new
-Iphone when it was first announced
-tour tickets for various musical acts
-tickets to the Ocars and/or Grammys
-Harry Potter Books on Pre-sale
-Star Wars Movie tickets when the show first opened

the possibilities are endless.

On a local level we can monetize various activities such as:

-appointments with Division of Motor Vehicles. You can choose to go wait in line and wait your turn. Or bid on a pass to have an appointment.
-reservations for holiday picnic tables. Again, you can choose to try to be the first one to sign up for the best spots at the 4th of July celebrations, or bid on a reservation.

This whole process turns the idea of taxes on it's head. People will be voluntarily paying taxes for things that they want more than the average person.

This is the kind of thinking we as Democrats need to champion.

I think we can have big government without a big tax bill. We just need the will and new thinking.

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