Sunday, February 15, 2009

Danica Patrick, sex symbol

I am not complaining, but commenting on the double standard that Danica Patrick is exploiting. by using her physical appearance and womanhood to advance her career, yet she wants to be taken seriously as a race car driver. It is another example of women not quite wanting the responsibility to being completely equal. I am fine with women being helpers and supporting rather than equal participants in society. But that is taboo, and unacceptable for most people. I am also completely fine with women being 100% equal; but that comes with more than rights but also responsibilities like protecting the nation, their families and themselves. Also, women have to be willing to stand/fall based on merit without any special treatment. Danica is part of the mainstream that wants it both ways depending on what's best. That is wrong. Each woman should pick and be held accountable.

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