Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thought Police on patrol: All my Children

The writers of All My Children are trying to control Americans minds concerning gay rights and gay marriage. Democrats should reject this Nazi like tactic to ignore reality and attempt to create their own version of it.

A majority of people and voters in every state that have been given a chance have rejected these left-wing ideas of "marriage equality". Yet, the leftists in Hollywood and New York proceed ahead 100% with their agenda. They have effectively bullied their opposition into silence and irrelevance.

We need a countermovement to fight for traditoinal values.

Marriage is the union of a man and a woman. It is under assault from fornication, divorce, popular culture, and many other factors.

The All my Children story with "Bianca and Reese" where they are getting "married" is offensive.

I don't know what's worse, that the writers haven't had a phony debate and let the leftwingers win, or that that they act as though the issue is settled.

I also note that they chose 2 pretty women who are otherwise sympathetic characters. They know that tolerance for 2 women kissing and such is much more acceptable. Mostly because most men find it appealing. Whereas 2 men would rate horribly with any normal men.

This manipulation is disgusting. The planning. The whole approach.

if this was 1 or many shows with different viewpoints, then fine. But there isn't one show that I know of that promotes traditional marriage and finds gay marriage horrible. There isn't one t.v. personality that I can think of who clearly states that gay rights are a sham. Yet, that is a majority viewpoint in America.

I think a right viewpoint.

I support equal rights for all Americans. I want every person to reach their God given potential.

This doesn't give people the right to change thousands of years of culture and call it normal.
This doesn't give people the right to try to transform deviancy into modernity.

I welcome a debate about values.
I'm tired of democrats and republicans who are "conservative" but don't ever find the time to speak out against this nonsense.

They have a 1st amendment right and duty in my mind to live up to their campaign rhetoric.

It's not enough to sit idle as the courts and t.v. shows move the culture towards more and more deviancy.

Some change is good. We should judge each on it's merits.

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