Sunday, January 18, 2009

Statistical proof of Racial Equality

We often hear about racial problems in the United States, and how we' ve come a long way, "but we have a long way to go". Often-times this is buttressed with statistics that purport to show a disparity between blacks and other groups (usually whites) in terms of health indicators, educational acheivement, household income, or some other "objective" measure that shows that African Americans are "still" discriminated against. Or at the very least still suffer from the historical discrimination.

It would be unthinkable (I think) for any mainstream politician to say that we have moved beyond race as a real problem and should think of people as individuals. The Republicans used to talk somewhat that way a decade ago, but it was assumed they meant it in a cynical way to avoid dealing with tough issues.

Yet, there are equally compelling facts that can be extrapolated from the very same data that "shows" the race problem of America.

Take for example the 2007 Current Population Survey:

While it's still true you can look and make the often stated conclusions that whites do better than blacks in every category that's good. If you were inclined to you could also see that:

21.2% of black families ( by my count almost 2 million black families) earn more money at $75,000 and above

and more than

over 60% of white families who earn at an income level of $74,999 and below, (by my count over 38 million white familes).

Think what this means. This is not one or two families. This is not one or two entertainment industries. This is over 1.9 million black families: 1,960,000 + who earn and have the opportunity to live a better lifestyle than 38 million white families. No racist society would allow that to be the case. This is proof using the same data that others justify their anti-American rhethoric, that America is the greatest nation on earth. The descendants of slaves, near 2 million families of them, live better than the descendants of their masters. What's more, it's not a huge issue through out the country, except when some blacks want to use programs and the government to get benefits that many of these white families might not be eligible for.

This shows that we need to come to these discussions with pure hearts, and determined to be constructive. It shows we can ensure we walk away vindicated by being selective with the facts we choose to analyze.

I think that America should start using much more energy focusing on helping individuals of all backgrounds reach their God-given potential. We should accept progress from past era's and move on.

We should be willing to take personal responsibility as individuals in various ethnic groups about the success or failure of group members in society. It is both natural and too easy to blame something else or someone else rather than viewing the missed opportunities that were readily available.

Craig Farmer
making the word "liberal" safe again!

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