Friday, January 16, 2009

Obama election all about race

For me, I'm saddened to so many educated people have made the 2008 election all about race. They set up a situation where Hillary couldn't win because even if she did, her base, and the media would hate her for "killing a dream". Smart people, respectable people played the race card shamelessly. That means they brought up issues dealing with race that they knew not to be legitimate but would inflame the passions of the less knowledgeable towards they point of view. White Democrats and Independents both in the primaries and the General Election were essentially told to declare whether they and/or their nation were racists.

The subtext was that a vote for McCain by certain people was a racist vote. Oh sure if you were a conservative Republican and could demonstrate it you could be given permission. But the idea that all thinking minded people who didn't like Bush must choose Obama was racial and liberal spin.

McCain was the most "un-republican" Republican nominee in history. He supported many left-wing positions like:

comprehensive immigration reform
against waterboarding
campaign finance reform

and so on...

In addition John McCain didn't use obvious flaws in Obama's character as he could have.

Yet, the media never gave him a real chance.

We should celebrate Obama's inaugaration, but realize it could have and should been done better.

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