Monday, January 5, 2009

Roland Burris political career

Roland Burris has a mixed record on election in the state of Illinois. As of today, some want him to commit not to run for the open Senate Seat in 2010, while others think he has a chance since has been elected statewide in the past. I think he has no chance of winning a Democratic Primary due to lack of money, and being considered old news (he hasn't won an election since 1990). He would as any democrat will, win a general election, but he won't get the chance. Nor should he.
1968 lost race for Illinois state House of Representatives
1974 lost race for state comptroller
1978,1982,1986 elected state comptroller
1984 lost democratic nomination for U.S. Senate to Paul Simon
1994 lost democratic nomination for Governor of Illinois to Dawn Clark Netsh
1995 lost democratic nomination for Chicago Mayor to Richard Daley
1998 lost democratic nomination for governor
2002 lost democratic nomination for governor (to current Blagojevitch)
2009 appointed to U.S. by Governor Blagojevitch

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