Sunday, January 25, 2009

Listen closely to the bias

You can assume all of the people who voluntarily talk about the historical significance of Barack Obama becoming President, "no matter where you stand politically", were supporters of the President in the past election. Can you imagine them talking politics for anyone other than Obama. Call it the Oprah effect. Where otherwise apolitical or at least politically cautious people feel free to offer opinions.

It is clear that even though Hillary would have made "history" as the first female to be POTUS, the real potency was on the side of race rather than gender. Just as blacks won their freedom and right to vote well before women, it is clear that the desire to acheive a racial landmark was a key driving force that wouldn't be denied.

It really is a testament to the years of cultivation by blacks within the Democratic party. Where many African Americans had become cynical, there became a critical mass of blacks within the party that established a base of power that would have been too dangerous to ignore. Their allies then spread throughout the nation. There wasn't any political price to speak of within the party for dis-respecting Hillary Clinton; whereas any perceived slight of Obama was viewed as a potential racial injury. People like Jim Clyburn, who were supposed neutral were really working behind the scenes to ensure the inevitability of Obama once he established a lead in pledged delegates. A 100 delegate lead was made to seem like it was a million. Again, imagine if Obama had more popular votes from every one who voted, but lost out because of delegate rules. Can you think of the outcry from "the system being set up for insiders"? But it was Obama who knew the rules better, and had the power brokers quietly working for him by the things they said and did, or didn't say and didn't do.

Now we go forward realizing that what many in the media, the elites in our party, and others demanded has been realized. We now have a President Obama.

I support him 100%.

We should take this moment to plan the future in terms of race. We need to get beyond the games and the coded language.

We need to develop a strategy to complete the transition to a colorblind America, and then leave racialism to history.

Then we can deal with the complex issue of gender.

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