Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Imagine George W. Bush was accused rape.

Juanita Broaddrick surfaced nearly 10 years ago with a story about then POTUS Bill Clinton and a sexual assault from two decades earlier; today the questions are still unanswered. She accused then attorney general of Arkansas Bill Clinton of a brutal rape from 1978.

Clinton has been charged with many outlandish things that he and/or others have proven untrue; but this story had many elements that seemed not only possible but true.

I'm a proven supporter of the Clintons, as I supported Hillary in the 2008 Democratic Primary.


That the Clintons are not only still in public life, but thriving; and yet this question is unresolved is deplorable.

As much as I'm a democrat and a team player, I'm confident I would ask both of them to address this squarely.

I hope Bill Clinton didn't rape Juanita Broaddrick, but I keep thinking if I was accused of something this heinous and I was innocent, I wouldn't leave the public record the way it has been for a decade.

That leads me to believe that Bill Clinton is guilty of at least something in his mind equal to or worse than being questioned as a rapist.

The most simple answer is he's a rapist.

Interview with Sean Hannity alleging Hillary's coverup

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