Monday, December 8, 2008

Tom Brokaw completes Meet the Press hand over to David Gregory

David Gregory is a conventional journalist with the normal left-wing tendencies. He asks all of the predicatable questions, and will probably be fine but not outstanding on Meet the Press.

Tim Russert was so good because he did his homework so well, and came to almost every show trying to force the guest off the "talking points" and into making news.

I disagreed with many Russert's political agenda items because they were simply wrong. For example, he always talked about how Social Security was unsustainable and in "crisis". When the facts show that not to be the case.

In addition, his relentless focus on the debt was insulting because it always assumed that there wasn't another point of view that could be equally valid.

But nonetheless, Russert was a heavyweight and a champion. He set conventional wisdom rather than following it.

That was the problem I had with Tom Brokaw as he filled in these past months. Brokaw was very dissappointing in the tenor and substance of his questions. He only asked the most basic and CW questions. Brokaw allowed guests to recite talking points and never really confronted any of them.

I would rather have a point of view (even if wrong-many times) that I can respect rather than watching a politician at a press conference.

Hopefully, Gregory will get better at balancing the need to let guests get their message out, conftronting them with inconsistencies and the political realities, and also making news by forcing an interesting dialogue.

My choice would have been:
Chris Wallace

He should have left Fox and went to the big-time.

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