Monday, December 8, 2008

Oklahoma vs. Florida in BCS title game

It sounds good to me! I pick Oklahoma to continue their incredible offensive show.

The people who keep advocating a playoff are making a mistake that is normal to our human sensibilities. They are assuming that we would have the same type of regular season as we do now, which clearly is the best of all the major sports, and then just add a playoff to decide a winner.

In fact, a playoff would change everything, one way or another.

If there was league integrity so that each conference got to send one representative to the title game, plus maybe 2 at large teams; then we wouldn't get the top 8 teams.

If we took the top 8 teams then that would render the conferences meaningless.

No matter what playoff system, the "big games" would become much less important because the goal would shift from getting in the top 2 into the top 8.

In addition, the inequities of the scheduling, and the talent level would make it dificult to have an objective way to pick whatever teams made the playoffs. So we would wind up with the same type of selection process we have now.

Finally, right now the bowls play an important role in our culture. Both sports-wise and economically, and it would be difficult to sell many of them as second class exhibitions. Right now there are mutiple levels of success in college football.

Every system has flaws, and we shouldn't pretend otherwise.

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